About The Healthy Trekking Guide to Kaua‘i

Who couldn’t use a little aloha in their life? Coming in 2018, The Healthy Trekking Guide to Kaua‘i will be the next in our series of books on healthy travel. The spectacular Garden Island of Kaua‘i embodies so many wonderful things for a visitor who wants their stay on this Hawaiian island to be active and healthy.  (Click on the thumbnail images below to view larger versions in a slide show.) 

Anini Beach, one of the 91 spectacular beaches on Kauai

Kaua‘i is blessed with more than 91 breathtaking beaches, countless mountainous trails through its lush rain forests and incredible coastal vistas. You can spend your days (and nights) enjoying a wide variety of sports, adventures and activities, offering endless possibilities for a healthy vacation or business trip to the island. In addition, Kaua‘i is one of the best places on earth for nutritious and delicious cuisine. With daily farmer’s markets, fresh local seafood and produce, to wonderful farm-to-table restaurants and health food emporiums across the island, Kaua‘i offers astonishing delicacies you might only dream about elsewhere. 

In short, Kaua‘i is amazing. 

One of Kaua'i's many fabulous juice bars

The Healthy Trekking Guide to Kaua‘i will help you find all the best places to go, things to do, where to eat and shop, the top places to stay, to unwind, to fall in love, to discover not just Kaua‘i, but something new about yourself. Instead of a thick, hard to fathom, overly detailed encyclopedia on the island, The Healthy Trekking Guide to Kaua‘i will focus on helping you find what you’re looking for quickly. It doesn't of list more details than you wanted to know. We’ve done the hard work to find the best and healthiest food, places and adventures Kaua‘i has to offer. That's what The Healthy Trekking Guide to Kaua‘i is all about.

We’ve done our homework, and consulted with the best experts on Kaua‘i to help make your trip to the Garden Isle fun, memorable and productive. The book includes interviews with the island's experts on things to do - and avoid. From how to get there, where to stay, shop, swim, relax and rejuvenate, to staying safe in Kaua‘i’s waters, you’ll find the best in our book. 

Its look will delight your eye. The Healthy Trekking Guide to Kaua‘i is beautifully designed, with helpful graphics, maps and a dazzling gallery of photographs that will let you see what makes Kaua‘i special. 

The goal of our Healthy Trekking Guides is to help you eat smarter, exercise more and feel better wherever you go. We'll take you on a journey to some of the most wonderful places on Earth, and share our discoveries on how to enjoy your visit (whether it's for a vacation or on business travel) with the best exercises and activities, finding and enjoying incredible and healthy local foods, and discovering sights, people, shopping, and adventures that will stay in your memory forever.

So stay tuned, an keep visiting this site for updates. Mahalo!