Greatest. Invention. Ever.

We're always in a hurry. Especially when we're hungry. There was once a time when the most convenient food was the salve for our hunger, even if it meant compromising on stale tasting, high-sodium, fattening foods you could prepare in a minute. But it doesn't have to be that way. You can eat wonderfully healthy vegetables, even seafood steamed in a microwave in less time than it would take to heat up a lousy frozen dinner.

About a year ago, we discovered the Lekue silicone microwave steamer (available at Sur La Table and Amazon). We can't recommend it enough. This $20 marvel (there's actually a family of different Lekue steamers) will change how you make dinner. Often, we grill fish or skinless chicken breasts while we steam vegetables in our Lekue. In less time than it takes to fry a burger or dash to McDonald's, you can enjoy a wonderfully fresh, nutritious and low calorie, low-fat dinner.

The Lekue microwave steamer can handle temperatures from  76°F–428°F, allowing you to freeze or refrigerate its contents. It's as happy in an oven as it is in a microwave, so there's virtually no end of possibilities for cooking with it. We love to slice up apples, mix in some lemon juice, cinnamon and a touch of Splenda. The cooked apples make a great dessert, and they're wonderful in hot cereal. Best of all, they're simple and quick to make.

Today, there's almost no excuse for eating right. It's easier than ever. Take a look at the Lekue silicone microwave steamer. It's pretty darned awesome.

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