Why healthy trekking?

There has to be a better way. We live our lives too fast, work too hard, sleep too little and always promise to take better care of ourselves. Over time, that takes its toll. We wake up one morning and ask ourselves why don't we look or feel better? 

The truth is that we can.

A year ago, we started on a new path. Not just a diet or a promise to exercise, not just a quick fix, but a decision to turn our lives in a new direction. And stay that way to our last moment on Earth. We committed to eating better, getting up off the couch or office chair and start moving. Often, that means rising before dawn to fit in an hour of exercise. It means saying goodbye to comfort foods and old loves (Adieu, pasta. Ciao, gelato.), and embracing lower calories, less fat, more protein and much lower cholesterol. 

In our case, the changes we've made have produced dramatic results. Together, a year later, we've lost 220 lbs. We're in the best shape of our lives. We look better, and feel better. And we are committed to staying this way.

Now, we're going to take this on the road. In the months and years ahead, we will share with you what we learn ourselves and the ideas that you have to share. Our goal is to help the world eat smarter, exercise more and feel better. We'll take you on a journey to some of the most wonderful places on Earth, and share our discoveries on how to enjoy your visit (whether it's for a vacation or on business travel) with the best exercises and activities, finding and enjoying incredible and healthy local foods, and discovering sights, people, shopping, history and environment that will stay in your memory forever.

When we dream of a vacation, we often imagine ourselves laying in the sun on the beach. We often allow ourselves to eat more on vacation than we might any other time. But there is a world of discovery awaiting, thrills and fun from an active vacation - whether it's taking a walk, snorkeling, skiing, zooming down a zipline in a jungle, or hiking a mountain trail. Young or old, in-shape or not, instead of laying on the beach, why not take a walk down the beach? Instead of yet another burger or bowl of ice cream that you could get anywhere, why not go in a new direction? Freshly caught fish, tropical fruit fresh from the tree that you might not have tried before can reward you in ways you never imagined. 

This is what healthy trekking is all about. And you can do this. 

So stick around. This is just the start of a journey that we hope you'll take with us. We'll share what we learn here in our blog entries and in a series of books we're publishing, starting with the magical Hawaiian garden island of Kauai. 

We look forward to hearing from you, and taking this journey together. Stay healthy. Keep moving. It's going to be a lot of fun.

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