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About Tidewind Publishing

Tidewind Publishing produces the Healthy Trekking Guides, a library of books taking you to some of the world’s most breathtaking destinations, and showing you how to enjoy your life’s journey in an active and healthy way.

You will discover amazing things, awe-inspiring and healthy places, along with travel, diet, nutrition, and activity tips to benefit your mind, body, and soul. We’re fanatical about design and photography, and our books will be full of images that will inspire your imagination and wanderlust.

We are presently at work on our next travel guidebook, The Healthy Trekking Guide to Kauai. Future travel guidebooks will include individual books on the other Hawaiian Islands, the State of Hawaii, principal California and U.S. West Coast destinations, among others.


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If you are an accredited blogger or member of the news media and would like to receive a copy of our Media Kit, please contact us and we'll get one to you pronto. Our media kit includes an author bio and photos, company and book information, a complimentary copy of 300 Healthy Travel Tips, book cover and interior page images, logo artwork, and interview questions. It's really spiffy.

Our New Book: 300 Healthy Travel Tips

Available on Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks, and coming soon to other eBook formats, 300 Healthy Travel Tips offers useful advice and insights that will make you a smarter and healthier traveler. Filled with hundreds of vibrant color photographs, more than 1,500 links to recommended travel and wellness websites and app downloads, how-to videos, and a good dose of humor, 300 Healthy Travel Tips is a dynamic go-to resource for any business or leisure traveler.

Life is a journey and an adventure. Why not make your trek a healthy one? This book will show you how. 


Title 300 Healthy Travel Tips

Format eBook (iBooks: Fixed format / Amazon: Reflowable eBook)
Publisher Tidewind Publishing
Pages 560 (Kindle) | 376  (iBooks)
Price $8.99 U.S.

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Amazon Kindle (and other e-Pub format books): 978-0-9971578-0-2
Apple iBooks:  978-0-9971578-1-9

Publication Date
December, 2016 (Apple iBooks)
April, 2017 (Amazon Kindle and other eBook stores)