Travel Tip: Travel light by shipping ahead

Want to travel light? Ship your bulky items ahead via FedEx or UPS. They will be waiting for you when you arrive. And you won't have to worry about lugging everything. Just arrange it in advance with the hotel where you'll be staying.

For example, we live in sunny Southern California. Being spoiled Orange County residents, we rarely need a raincoat, a down jacket or winter boots, items that are must-haves for our friends in the Midwest or Northeast. So when we have to travel to winter climates for work or fun, lugging heavy rain or winter gear amid our luggage can be a headache. That's why shipping bulky clothes or gear ahead that we might not immediately need can help us whisk more quickly through airports.

 If you stay at the same hotel frequently, ask the concierge to store your clothes, skis or other equipment. That way, you can have heavy ski clothes or cold weather gear waiting for your arrival instead of having to pack it each time. The same is true for suits and dresses you might need for business or a night out while you travel.

For your next trip to colder climates, or even if you want to bring your golf clubs, surfboard or snowboard on your next vacation, consider shipping them ahead. That way your trip can be faster, easier and you won't feel like a pack mule. After all, we have enough travel headaches as it is.

Happy trails to you!

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