Find a trail. Anywhere.

You have to love the folks at outdoor apparel and equipment manufacturer North Face®. Not only does the company make and market some great products, but they are really dedicated to helping its customers embrace the outdoors. Recently, we came across the North Face Trailhead iPhone app, powered by the wonderful mapping data.

The North Face Trailhead app finds trails, hikes, bike routes and more from its database of over 300,000 trails based on your location. You can even search by activity and length. Whether you select an existing trip or start a new one, the Trailhead app tracks your route, distance, speed and elevation in real-time. When you're done exploring, you can post your trip to Facebook, Twitter or 

Whether you want to hike, run, bike or just get away from it all, the North Face Trailhead app is a great place to start.

If you're an Android user, the folks at have you covered with their GPS-enabled Android Trail app.

North Face Trailhead app for the iPhone

North Face Trailhead app for the iPhone

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