A handy travel gym in your bag

When you're traveling, access to a gym might not always be a certainty. But if you want to squeeze in a workout, don't despair - you can pack a gym into your suitcase. The folks at FitKit (http://www.fitkit.com) market a total body workout in a small packable case that weighs about a pound. The FitKit can provide you with up to 250 resistance strength training and cardiovascular exercises using the included resistance tube with handles, a flat resistance band, jumprope, pedometer and more. You can also access the FitKit online exercise library featuring guidance by fitness trainer Amie Hoff, a workout schedule, exercises for all major muscle groups, with guidance on how to use FitKit and other exercises wherever you are.

For $35, it's worth investigating. FitKit is compact and light, so it won't take up much room in your bag. Wherever you go, when you have the time, FitKit can be your gym.


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