A day at the Spa or how I found heaven on Kauai

My husband Brian, the writer of this team, is busy on yet another adventure kayaking and hiking. All this activity has tired him out, so he has not been able to blog thus far from our trip to Kauai. So please bear with me (Rita, the wife, and designer) I am attempting to write a blog on my own!

The Club at Kukui'ula, is a private club for owners of the fabulous new homes and cottages at Kukui'ula on the south shore of Kauai, just west of Poipu. And let me tell you, membership has its privileges (sorry AmEx it really fits here).

So, how did they let us in here, you may ask? Well, you can become a temporary member by renting one of the adorable - I did not use that word to describe the size because they are quite generous- but to describe the quaint and tastefully decorated modern Hawai'ian cottages. To get all these amenities you need to rent through Parrish Kauai (our preferred property management and rental agency- which is more like "concierge vacation experts" than a vacation rental company.) These cottages are prefect for several adventure seeking couples traveling together or a fun lovely family.

Here is how Kukui'ula is described on their site:

"Kukui`ula is Hawaii’s newest ultra-luxury residential community, home to the only private club on Kauai. Set on over a 1,000 acres on Kauai’s South Shore and blending historic plantation style architecture with the outstanding modern amenities, Kukui`ula easily offers its guests the best options and amenities available. Indulge yourself at the intimate Club Cottages (available now) or grand Club Villas (available for booking in 2015) the with its exclusive access to The Club at Kukui`ula, Kauai’s prestigious lodging destination.

The Parrish Collection Kauai is pleased to be the exclusive guest manager at The Club at Kukui`ula. You’ll be greeted by our Island Host with a special treat upon arrival and enjoy the dedicated and personalized services of our Guest Concierge during your stay.

Kukui`ula Club Cottages
These brand new two and three bedroom Kauai cottages offer finely appointed interiors and modern amenities as well as privileged access to The Club at Kukui`ula including the award winning Tom Weiskopf designed golf course and the luxurious spa, farm, pools and dining facilities. Ideal for that getaway weekend, family vacation or extended stay or wedding, these cottages offer a private and luxurious yet unpretentious vacation accommodation option."

Ok, now more about my favorite part, the Spa. It was described to me by the very hospitable and charming Veronica Lovesy (Senior Marketing Manager) as a "candy store for grown-ups (particularly women)". I was greeted this morning by a charming man named Willie. He is so sweet and adorable that if there is room in my luggage... (well you get the idea). He introduced me to LeeAnn & Grace who would make my day at the spa enjoyable (he said). And they did.

Grace, Willie and Lee Ann, my spa day pals.

Grace, Willie and Lee Ann, my spa day pals.

After they set me up with my day locker, I was off to the high tech, uber modern gym, and my normal treadmill cardo workout. Sorry, nothing normal about this treadmill. I opted to watch the travelogue of Kauai rather than TV, listen to the radio, play games or surf the web (you never know what else you can learn from another travelogue). All this and a view of Spouting Horn! Next some weights, low impact push-ups, and frankly, I had worked up quite a sweat in this very humid day, so back to Grace who set me up for the "Wet Area Spa Ritual". And a ritual it is. You start off in a dry sauna with "aromatic greens" in ice water and a spritzer to keep you hydrated. She said "it is very hot", and then quickly exited. Having grown up in the hot San Fernado Valley, I could tolerate it, which surprised me! Then off to the "super deluge" outdoor shower and "goshi goshi" and bath gel for the body and a honey conditioner for the hair. Then off to the steam pavilion. They gave me Hawai'ian sea salt and Kukui nut oil to scrub away the years of age from my skin. And yes, ice water (thank you!) back to the deluge cold shower and then off to the hot and cold plunge pools. The cold comes first (you would think this would be easy with all the steam I just had- but not so much). The hot pool was a jacuzzi on steroids. The concept is to go back & forth between the two pools about 5 times each, ending with the cold plunge pool, to close the pores. Lastly, you are suppose to rest in the lounge chair listening to the running water, drinking water and enjoying the wonderful fragrances around you. (I have never been very good at the whole relaxing thing. But I tried!)

The top level of the spa looking toward the farm and coffee plantation.

The top level of the spa looking toward the farm and coffee plantation.

I finished my day with a lovely salad I put together with items from the club's Cinco de Mayo taco buffet (yes you can even eat healthy at a taco buffet). Stay away from the chips and fried items. All the salsas and the guacamole were very fresh and very clean. There was spiced grilled chicken too. And the other secret is...take only what you are hungry for and only go through the line once. Drink plenty of fluids, because even as fresh and as clean as this was, Mexican food does use allot of salt. Also, use limes for the dressing. However, with this humidity, the salt is not as bad for you as you may think.

So my day has ended here, sitting on the lanai in a very comfortable cane chair with some coconut water (good for digestion), listening to the birds, watching the waves and Spouting Horn and writing this blog.

A hui hou! (Til we meet again.)

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