Got iPad? Our new book is now available!

First, an apology: We're guilty as charged of not updating this blog. Our defense: We've spent the past few months feverishly at work on completing the first book in our Healthy Trekking series, 300 Healthy Travel Tips, now available on Apple iBooks (with versions for the Amazon Kindle and other ebook formats coming soon).

The product of more than two years of hard work, research, writing, editing, and design, 300 Healthy Travel Tips combines years of things we have learned from over a million miles of travel for work and play. We are grateful to a number of healthy trekkers who shared tips of their own and to the giants in the travel industry who we credit in our book for some essential lessons. 

Inside, you will discover more than 1,500 links to travel-related websites and travel app download links along with a number of helpful how-to videos like the packing tips video below. Many months were spent exhaustively researching and curating the best sources we could find to help make your next trip healthy, trouble-free, and fun.

Every baby is beautiful, but like so many doting parents, we're madly in love with our new addition, and we hope you'll feel the same way about 300 Healthy Travel Tips. We invite you to click or tap on the links above to learn more, including details on what's inside as well as images of sample pages. Can't wait? You can buy our book here on Apple iBooks. We hope you'll enjoy it. Thank you!