As seen on JohnnyJet

I'm thrilled and humbled! I was just featured in the Travel Style section in the outstanding JohnnyJet travel website. I like to say that I stand on the shoulders of giants, and owe a debt of honor to so many great travel writers like JohnnyJet. He's been so generous in sharing tips, ideas, and experience as a veteran traveler on his website and in speeches that he has made across the country. I encourage you to visit his website and subscribe to the JohnnyJet newsletter. Like me, you will be wiser for it.

Shameless self-promoter that I am, take a few minutes to peek at the profile the team at JohnnyJet so kindly created about me. If you were ever curious about the man behind the curtain, this is your chance to learn all kinds of things you never wanted to know. I hope you enjoy it.