Got iPhone?

Thank you for reading our Healthy Trekking blog. We hope you find it to be helpful, and if we're doing our job right, entertaining too.

Today's blog is especially for those of you who own an Apple iPhone or iPad running the iOS 9 or iOS 10 operating system. If you do, we have an easy way to stay up-to-date with our blog, using the Apple News app. That's right — Healthy Trekking is now publishing our blog directly to Apple News. And as you can tell, we're kinda excited. 

Getting the latest blogs and info from Healthy Trekking on Apple News is easy. Using your iPad or iPhone, just tap on this link. This should launch the Apple News app and take you to our Healthy Trekking channel.

Make sure to save Healthy Trekking to your Apple News Favorites. You can do this by searching for Healthy Trekking in the Search tab at the bottom of your screen in Apple News. When it appears, tap the + symbol.Then, when we publish a new blog, it will show up in the Favorites tab of Apple News, and also on the Apple News For You page.

We hope you find this to be a handy way to read our blog entries. For us, reading Apple News on our iPads is part of our breakfast ritual. Its beautiful format makes news and blogs easy to read. It's another way we hope our blog will be helpful to you. Enjoy!