Kauai, here I come

Close your eyes and imagine paradise. Think of palm trees swaying in a tropical breeze, sunrises walking on a beach looking at vibrant turquoise surf rolling in. Thundering waterfalls and magical rainbows. Soaring mountains dramatically descending into the ocean.

That’s how I visualize the spectacular Hawaiian island of Kaua‘i. Now that I have published my book, 300 Healthy Travel Tips, I’m returning to the Garden Isle of Kaua‘i tomorrow to resume work on my next travel guidebook about what might be my favorite place on earth.

The best part: You can tag along.

Over the next month, I will post Dispatches from Paradise here on the Healthy Trekking Blog, updates on our Facebook page, and on Twitter. If you have an iPhone or iPad and use the Apple News app, you can read my updates in the Healthy Trekking channel.

I will try to photograph every sunrise, sunset, rainbow, and tropical flower I can find. I’ll research Kaua‘i’s beaches, hike its challenging and breathtaking trails, zipline through a tree canopy, swim with tropical fish, carefully research shops, restaurants, hotels, resorts, museums, farmers’ markets, attractions, activities, and everything else I can find and do in a month’s time. I’ll also interview a diverse section of the people of Kaua‘i to listen, learn, and share insights that only its inhabitants know.

Yeah, I know. It’s tough job. But somebody’s gotta do it.

What sounds like the perfect vacation will be a lot of hard work. I will scour every corner of Kaua‘i, scuff my knees, cover myself in red volcanic mud, shoot thousands of photos, write a torrent of words, and if I do my job correctly, come home in late May completely exhausted.

I’m excited. A bit worried too. A month sounds like a long time. But with so much to do, it will go by in an instant.

So keep checking back on our Healthy Trekking blog, or follow my dispatches on your favorite social media. I can’t wait to share my discoveries with you. Aloha!