An ankle bracelet I'd be glad to wear

I just learned about a new health tracking device on Kickstarter called FlyFit. I'm excited. Sports watches and health trackers have become a hot item, and suddenly, many start-ups, along with companies like Nike, Samsung (and likely soon, Apple) are in a space race to produce the best solution. 

I have tried the Fitbit Flex, which was nice but a bit buggy, and later the Fitbit Force, which did many things I wanted. Sadly, the steel used in the Fitbit Force leaks nickel, which gave me a bad skin irritation (and recently caused the company to issue a recall). Worst of all, I have yet to find a fitness tracker that could measure my cycling, especially while riding a stationary trainer. 

Granted, you can buy a dedicated GPS cycling tracker like the ones sold by Garmin. They're great, but at up to $800, very pricey. Plus, it's pretty much dedicated to cycling only. Right now, I use my iPhone and the wonderful Strava app with my iPhone's GPS tracking to log and measure my cycling performance on the road, but sadly, I can't use it when riding with my bike attached to a stationary trainer. 

That's why the FlyFit captures my imagination. Instead of being a wrist bracelet, the FlyFit attaches to your ankle. This way, it tracks your leg's movement instead of your arm, and works with your iPhone or Android (Kit Kat OS or later) phone. The benefit: by attaching your your ankle, the FlyFit can track running, walking, cycling, stationary biking, swimming as well as your sleep. And it tracks stair climbing too. 

Given that this is a Kickstarter project, it's still very much a work-in-progress. The FlyFit won't be available until August. I'll stay tuned on this one. The future could be pretty cool.

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