Protein powder pancakes? Believe it.

This morning, we tried out a breakfast of MetRx high protein buttermilk pancake mix. We came away giving this our thumbs-up. Pancakes and good health don't seem to go together, but the folks at MetRx pulled it off. Each serving contains as much protein as a 3-egg white omlette (12 grams) and is a good source of fiber (3 grams vs. 30 grams of carbs). We added blueberries and raspberries on top, with just a tiny dash of Auntie Lilliko'i Passion Guava syrup for sweetening.

Three pancakes were 200 calories.  If you're careful about what you add, you can keep the calories in check, and you can enjoy a breakfast with added protein. Don't get us wrong: we try to be careful in moderating our daily cab intake, and work hard to avoid too much sugar. If you think through what you are planning to eat, you can still "sin" every now and Zen, still eat smart and add some variety to your daily routine. 

No matter how careful we are about breakfast, and we border on fanatical, there's still a seven year-old inside us who gets excited at the thought of pancakes. If so long as you factor in exercise with a breakfast, you can stay in shape and have fun while doing so. And since we all want to have fun, why not? 

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