A walk after dinner

One way that we lost over 220 lbs. in one year was easy: taking a walk every night after dinner. There was once a time after a long, hard day of work that we'd make a big dinner or go out to eat, and after that, settle into the couch. Before we knew it, we were snoring and drooling in a Tryptophan-induced, blissful world of sleep. All that dinner felt great, but only added to the ever-growing belly. 

Not only did we work to reduce our caloric intake and be careful about what we ate when (that meant no carbs after breakfast, no starches, no ice cream, etc., etc., etc.), but getting up off the couch after dinner became our nightly routine. 

We're lucky to live on an oval-shaped street 1/4 mile in circumference, making it perfect to take a brisk walk every night. The more we made this our habit, the more it brought us together as man and wife, sharing a common goal. Walking after dinner gives us a chance to hold hands, talk, share and be together instead of zoning out on our iPads checking emails or being zombies watching TV.

As we did, the impact became apparent. Excess pounds disappeared. We feel better, less bloated from dinner, more limber and best of all, we sleep better. And gosh darn it, walking is just plain good for you. 

Sure, we could run, and get even more benefits. But having been runners much of our adult lives, the miles of impact have sadly taken their toll on our aging knees. So being wusses that we are, we walk instead. All in all, it's a great way to go. 

So next time you start to nod out watching bad re-runs, turn off the TV, grab your loved one, put on your athletic shoes and start walking. Look up at the stars and claim one for the person you love. It doesn't get much better than that.

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