The gym is everywhere you look

Excuses, excuses. If only you could afford the Super Mega Ultra Home Gym, you would look totally ripped in just one weekend. That's what those TV commercials and those in-flight magazine ads blare out, and of course, they're never wrong. With just 48 monthly payments of $500 each, you too can look like a Hollywood movie star. Or so they want you to believe. 

If only.

Don't get me wrong - a home gym is great, if you actually use it. Try this: look at the ads in Craigslist for people selling home gyms. Nine of ten ads that I read explained that they were selling their expensive home gym because they never used it. Sad, but true. 

And a lot of good a home gym does when you're traveling. It's here, and you're, well, there. Many miles and time zones away. But what if I told you that you're probably looking at a gym hidden in plain sight? I'm not kidding. Consider the following:

That chair you're sitting on. 
Or the bathtub just around the corner. 
Or the frame of your bed. 
Or a flight of stairs.
Or the extra bricks sitting in your garage. 
Or a bucket of sand.

They're all potential gym equipment. 

It's true. For example, every morning while wait for my shower to warm up after riding 50-60 minutes on my bike (either on a trainer attachment in the garage or on the road), I do at least one set of 50 incline pushups against the edge of my bathtub. By the time I'm done, my shower is finally warmed up. And so am I. Bliss. 

The chair I'm sitting on to type this blog is can be used for push-ups and more. Or the stairs leading up to our bed room. Laying under the desk I'm using to type this, I can wear myself out doing incline pull-ups. The frame at the foot of my bed is a perfect base for triceps dips. A beam in my garage is perfect for pull-ups. A low wall can be used for stretching in your back yard or at a hotel or office. My office chair can be used to place your feet and legs up for crunches. 

And my two kittens? They make perfect barbells for bench presses. (Okay, that's just wrong.) 

But you get the idea.  

If you look around and use your imagination, the whole world can be your jungle gym. That and a daily commitment to fitness, and there's no limit to how great you'll look and feel, anywhere you happen to travel around the world.

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