Urban Plates: An outstanding new restaurant chain

There’s something about Southern California that spawns many wonderful ideas. Recently, we came across Urban Plates, a new line of fast casual restaurants in San Diego and Orange County. We’re totally hooked, and hopefully, you will be as well.

The Cardiff, California-based restaurants use a cafeteria-style concept similar to the fast-growing Chipotle Mexican Grill. However, Urban Plates focuses on incredibly healthy, chef-crafted, farm-to-table fare that is out of this world, several notches up from the fast-growing Mexican food chain. All at a surprisingly affordable price.

A look behind the scenes at Urban Plates

To see what we mean, take a peek at the Urban Plates menu and better yet, their nutritional menu.

Last night, we feasted on a wonderful carrot & ginger soup, fresh grilled Ono, a beet salad to die for, and a raw super food salad with baby kale, blueberries, apples, edamame and more. It was deliriously wonderful, and everyone around us enjoyed their dinners just as much.

We’re completely hooked by the healthy, delicious food and great service. It’s a joy to discover a place where we can dine out affordably, eat healthy, low-fat, low-sodium, nutritious cuisine, and crave every bite. Often, eating healthy is associated with giving up wonderful flavors and culinary satisfaction. Not here. Urban Plates is the best of both worlds.

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