Coming soon: Dispatches from Paradise

After more than a year of planning, we’re finally about to embark on an 11-day journey to Kaua’i to research our book, The Healthy Trekking Guide to Kaua'i. Our trip itinerary will be a nonstop, dawn-to-dusk race, putting every available second to work. 

For example, early on the morning after we arrive, Brian will get up at 3 am for a 5 am rendezvous in Kapa’a, for a sunrise to sunset, all-day adventure photography workshop. We want to come back with the best photos possible for the book, and Brian wants to perfect his digital photography skills, working with the workshop’s amazing photographers, Patrick Kelley and Matt Feeser. 

This will be anything but a couch potato vacation. We want to return from Kauai exhausted and excited about the places we visited, the people we met and interviewed, the food we tasted, the trails and beaches explored, horses we rode, the adventures pursued and discoveries we made. It’s all with the goal of making our book the best we can, to help you plan an exciting adventure to Kaua’i. 

So stay tuned. We’ll be blogging and tweeting from our journey as much as we can. Aloha! 

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